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Lift Up Spotlight: Meeting Anita Gupta

One of our core values at Lift Up is championing other successful women, and one person we feel thoroughly deserves […]

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Motherhood in the Workplace
Exploring Motherhood in the Workplace, with Sally Tucker

With a rich and varied career, including running her own business, Sally Tucker is a prominent Life Sciences figure that we couldn’t […]

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Lift Up Career Move
Lift Up: How To Smash Your Next Career Move

With Catherine Edenborough Recently, one of our Lift Up Ambassadors, Katy Barber, sat down with Catherine Edenborough. Catherine is an […]

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AI MedTech Brain Scan
AI in MedTech: Help or Hindrance?

With Iain McCulley The increase of AI and robotics in the medical field is met with mixed feelings — but […]

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Lift Up Italy Woman Looking Through Microscope
Lift Up: Exploring Italy with Annabella

It’s easy to think that your experiences are the norm, but that’s not always the case. Culture can have a […]

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Digital Dentisty, dentist holding scan of teeth
Digital Dentistry: Holes in the Teeth

With Pascal Kunz There are still giant gaps in the teeth of Digital Dentistry. Individual industry players are still more […]

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Women interview Lift Up Insights
The Lift Up Insights YOU NEED for 2023

Have you set your sights on progressing your career? Is it your dream to reach the C-Suite? You’ve got a […]

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Man working at CGT Biotech
Expert’s Insights: Starting a CGT Biotech

With Thomas Wirth Starting your own business is a challenge, but creating a Biotech comes with its own challenges. Recently, […]

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C-Suite Lift Up Live
Lift Up: Backstage with the C-Suite

Did you catch our final Lift Up of 2022? We offered you a Backstage Pass to the C-Suite, bringing high-profile […]

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attract diverse talent
Attract New Talent with Fraser Dove

An essential stage of our Talent Ecosystem is Attract. With a limited talent pool, candidates can be more selective with […]

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CDMO Production Line
The CDMO Evolution

With Harry Simpson   CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisations) are a crucial part of the Life Sciences industry. Some […]

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CPHI Frankfurt
CPHI ’22 — Top 5 Industry Secrets We Learned

Some of our team recently made their way to CPHI in Frankfurt this year. Needless to say, they learned all […]

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Woman Mentor Life Sciences
Lift Up: Top 4 Places to Find A Mentor

The right mentor can help you accelerate your career, but finding one can be quite challenging if you don’t know […]

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Talent Ecosystem Search Job Interview
Search and Find Top Talent with Fraser Dove

Search is an intrinsic section of our Talent Ecosystem, and the primary way we help you combat the Talent Crunch. […]

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Biotech BioPharma Battle for Talent
Biotech Vs BioPharma: What’s Changed in the Battle for Talent

With Richard Dane There’s a tug-of-war for talent between smaller Biotech and larger BioPharma organisations. In the past couple of […]

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Talent Crunch Employees Office
What is the Talent Crunch?

You may have heard about a “Talent Crunch”, but what actually is it? In short, the amount of ‘skilled’ people […]

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Lift Up Female Scientists
Lift Up: Women in Life Sciences

The Lift Up mission is simple: connect, inspire, and champion women from academia to C-Suite across the Life Sciences. We’re […]

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Tired asian businessman standing in side of the big window in office
7 Warning Signs That You’re in a Career Rut

Career change goes hand-in-hand with progression, especially in a sector as diverse as the life sciences. Your interests and goals […]

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Hiring manager addressing executive interviewees in a waiting room
The 7 Different Types of Executive Job Interview

We’re all familiar with interviews. For many candidates, executives included, they are the necessary evil that stands between them and […]

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A pile of executive CVs
How to Review Executive CVs and LinkedIn Profiles

It can be tricky to tell the difference between a good candidate and a great one from a CV alone. […]

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Hiring metrics charts and graphs
7 Hiring Metrics To Focus On In Your Life Science Recruitment Strategy

Finding, hiring, and onboarding the right talent can be exhausting, especially if you’re not monitoring the process. Hiring metrics are […]

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